Champagne, Prestige Champagne

2010 Wish List #4: Krug Rosé (half bottle)


Yes, it must be a half-bottle. Of course, it would be more practical, economical and sensible to buy a full bottle. But don’t be ridiculous. This is my wish list, and it really is not the moment to consider such prosaic things.
It’s the time to dream extravagantly. So it must be a half bottle of Krug Rose and it must be in its lavender box.
When it’s a half bottle, Krug Rose becomes more than just Champagne. It joins the modern consumer pantheon: objects such as the smooth black packaging of an iPod or the pale blue egg-shell expectation of a Tiffany’s box; things coveted for how they are presented as for much as what’s inside.
Once you get past the pale lavender packaging – a colour that seems only to be found in very expensive cashmere – marveling how it is the same shape as the full-size version and squeal at how everything is so much smaller, you take the bottle out of its box, hold its swan-like neck and wonder: how is it possible to make this bottleneck even more slender? You want to hold it like a new-born animal.
I heard Madonna ordered all the Krug Rose available in London and New York for her 50th birthday at the Volstead Club in London two years ago. Every wine merchant on both sides of the Atlantic had emptied their stock for her party. It’s quite obvious to see why Madonna would want it for her 50th.
This is all about power. It’s a Rose Champagne, but in the Krug style. It blushes deeply in lavender, it is not fainting in pink. It looks bruised, almost shocking. This is not about giggly bubbles, this is serious fun. But, it wasn’t Madonna drinking it that put this Champagne on my Wish List for 2010.
The wish was born from meeting a woman who bought cases of it once a week. To drink every day. From half bottles.
Every evening she opened a bottle with, or without, her husband, and found that a glass or two was just enough. At the time, I thought this must be the most decadent way to drink Champagne I have ever seen. Why not buy full bottles and use a stopper? You’d save and then you could….
Oh, silly girl.
It’s supposed to be extravagant. And if this wish list is about dreams, then might as well dream extravagantly. That’s why wish number 4 is: a half-bottle of Krug Rose, every day.