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A night out with Millenials

Here’s what happened. Take a couple of millenials to a wine shop (20 year olds in non-marketing speak). Get them to pick out a wine, my treat.

“How about this wine?” I suggest, in a nice transylvanian, Twilight-style font? In other words, a classic Burgundy.

But no, what do they pick out?

FMC from South Africa!

Great wine, but as neutral packaging as a flat-pack from IKEA.

And so I have to ask, why?

There’s nothing wrong with this wine. In fact, it’s pretty near brilliant. But to choose a wine on a label and choose this wine it was a mystery more than the attraction to Kirsten Stewart’s snarl (for an adult, I can see the attraction for a teenager).

Pick it up and feel it.

It’s like sandpaper. It has texture. The font and design are product-marketing design led but someone has decided to deviate by a few degrees and think about that other sense, touch.

The “market research group” aka my young friends who are living the “Fame” dream in London (dancers who have moved to London from Newcastle to be dancers), are not going for the classical French labels no matter how much I tried to convince them what was in the bottle. Maybe too many vampire films has convinced them the calligraphy was scary.

What blew me away by their choice? With a complete canvas to choose from they did not go for the crass commercial grab for attention, either. As someone who is officially in the MTV generation, I have to admit I was impressed by my friends from the 1992 vintage. If this is a hint of things to come, I have faith in the future.

Still, come on! Rob Pattinson in Twilight is pretty hot – you sure you don’t want to go for that Burgundy? I’m all for necky wines. Although as NKOTB sang in the same vintage of 1992 – and what has happened too many times recently with high-expectation Burgundy – step 1: we can have so much fun. Step 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole.


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