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The Best Wine with Seafood

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Thank god for social media because that’s how I recognised the Thomas “Braemore” Semillon on the menu at North Bondi FishThis is the best wine with seafood I’ve had for a while. For people who know the usual drum beat of Australian wine, this particular Hunter Valley Semillon may be unrecognisable. The delicate and clean flavours can seem barely perceptible; but, this is what makes it work so well with the silky flesh of wood-fired Yamba prawns, creamy Moreton Bay bugs, fresh scallops or lobster linguine. The texture is a like for like. It’s as essential as a lemon cheek for seafood, and as decadent as stolen lunch hour at the beach. Taste it once and you want it again. In fact, we returned to the restaurant the next day to do just that. Brilliant.


Clever marketing can make you buy the first time but not the second time. Australian wine marketing has worked very well at the cheaper end of the wine market for a long time. Perhaps because it’s a land of long distances where messages have to be clear and succinct as a smoke signal to get from one side of the planet to the other. It delivers what is says; it’s not a complex message at the lower prices and there’s not much too lose for the customer (which can’t be said about all fine wines). Marketing is not how I knew about this wine, however – it was through twitter, word of mouth, and the trusted recommendations from wine friends: I agree with my old boss Nick Ryan, this is a “cut above”.



Sydney Rock Oysters and Thomas “Braemore” Semillon 2014


Practical Details

Thomas “Braemore Semillon 2014 winery notes

Review by Nick Ryan

Price RRP $AU30


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What is your best wine with seafood? Leave a comment below – I’d be really interested to hear your recommendations 



Moreton Bay Bugs at North Bondi Fish



Wood-fired Yamba Prawns