Big fun

big fun

A lot of wine is like sitting in a long journey in a car forced to listen to someone else’s music, “you have to listen to this, you have to listen to this.” OK, sure, I’m open-minded. But, what… Is that your idea of fun?

Last Thursday, I went to The Bunch Tasting, six independent London wine merchants who come together to show their wines. This year they had quite a selection of wines to taste on the under £10 table. Perhaps they wanted to allay the popular conception wine merchants are expensive.

Not true.

On the contrary, you will get more fun at under £10 at a wine merchant than even your wildest dreams can imagine in a Tesco at closing hour under fluoroscent lights. But it depends on your idea of fun.

One of my choices from the under £10 category was a palomino… ah, palomino. The taste of sweaty skin and a roll in the hay. This still wine version has the thrill of Sherry without the mindbendy crazy alcohol, a bit weird, sure, but certainly liked it more than a high school prom.

The 2010 Palomino Fina, A Barbadillo, Vino de la Tierra de Cadiz from Adnams, especially at £5.99 has a slight “petillance” (the jumping – or dancing – bubble, not quite a frizzante but something of a tickle) of that other reject (in the cool Heathers sense), the brilliantly undervalued wine, Muscadet et Sevre sur lie.

Not everyone’s idea of big fun – ok, change the channel to another station, whatever – but definitely more than a hanging barbie doll on a rope at this price. MUCH more. What the independents are doing at the moment is interesting. When you really think about a lot of wine at £5.99, like, really.

Image: Winona Ryder, Heathers.

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