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A letter to a friend #bdx12

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The first couple of days had some bettter wines than expected but nothing that rolled out the red carpet in the mind. You know, when the stars come out and the flash bulbs starting flashing. Everything afterwards different, a blur. It does happen. In some vintages.

This is the problem when I go back over my notes – sometimes the best wines have none at all. Maybe they have a scribble or some trailing lines or absent-minded stars. The rest of the time it is too easy to get stuck on quibbling about something above average but nothing exciting. And maybe that is what Bordeaux is all about. Something easy to drink after ruling the world (at these prices). Not too much, not too sensuous. These are wines for Judges. And just as you would imagine – there are also some with aromas of extreme decadence. Striking, but not at this moment.

You asked me once, if you only had one wine what would you drink? For me, from Bordeaux, it would be Chateau Palmer. If I had a cellar full of only one wine this would be it. Generosity: it begs to be shared. The fruit is not only beautiful but it is easy with its beauty. It is like a fabulous laugh that makes you happy when you hear it again. If I could have a cellar filled with back vintages only I would need nothing else than Chateau Palmer. It is not Latour, it does not have the structure of Latour, but I can’t imagine having a cellar full of Latour. One bottle would be nice now and again but not a cellar and not forever.

My wholehearted recommendation from this vintage is La Chenade by Denis Durantou of L’Eglise Clinet in Pomerol. From the outskirts of downtown Pomerol. There is nothing fake about this wine from a winemaker who seems very awkward meeting the suits who roll up at his small cellar door. It has a pure core of sweet fruit and with a very serious intention for pleasure at this price. But it is not just the price, it was one of the most truly delicious wines.

You may have heard people singing the praises of Pomerol and so it probably won’t surprise you to hear Le Pin is the ultimate wine of Pomerol in 2012.

But, of course, I took no notes for it. A few stars, a scribble, some bisoux xxx

Wines I liked, in order of serious to fun – Haut Brion, Le Pin, La Conseillante, Leoville Barton, Lacoste Borie, Gaffeliere, L’If, Palmer, Alter Ego, La Chenade, Haut Chaigneau (Lalande de Pomerol).

Image – Rene Gruau

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