Burgundy, France

Burgundy Diary, Tasting 2010

IMG00794 20110701 1216

IMG00794-20110701-1216My Burgundy Diary from last week’s trip can be found here on Bibendum Times.  “Les Trois Dames from Bibendum” spent the week tasting the latest 2010 vintage (and more) from producers:

Robert Denogent, Morey-Coffinet, Bouley, Domaine Roux, Grivot, Marc Colin, Tollot-Beaut, Girardin, Barthod, Roche de Bellene, Fourrier, Confuron-Contetidot, Pierre Morey, Fontaine Gagnard, Alain Chavy, Latour Giraud, Mortet, Domaine Gouges, Drouhin Laroze, Hudelot Noellat, Dupont Tisserandot and Robert Chevillon. 

Many vinous seductions, filigreed site places and sensual poetry in the glass. I hope you enjoy. 

Link: “Burgundy 2010”