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How Bordeaux 2014 is like Kate Moss

Despite owning the world’s media focus for over 20 years, how much did we really know about Kate Moss at the height of her fame? Yes, we saw photos of leaving parties in Primrose Hill, the hazy wedding photos and the terrible boyfriends. But unlike other celebrities, she never talked about her personal life even when her image was everywhere. No interviews, no salacious tell-alls after the scandals, and only until very recently, no celebrity television shows. All we had was her turning away from us in the Rimmel TV ad with a four-word parting shot in her Croydon accent, “Get the London Look!” In the last couple of years, Kate Moss has lifted the “Kate Moss media embargo” on herself. And it’s…. (and I’m talking as a big fan over the years) it’s just not the same. No more guessing – we now know what she thinks or doesn’t think. That’s not what we want from our supermodels! We want the old cool Kate even if that is an impossible expectation for any human being to live up to for so many years. …

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Fashion and Wine, Pt 2 – Minimal

“I see minimalism to be a philosophy that involves an overall sense of balance, knowing when to take away, subtract. It’s an indulgence in superbly executed cut, quiet plays of colour tones and clean strong shapes.” – Calvin Klein  At worst, it is boring. Black and white, black and white, maybe a bit of navy to mix it up. You better be something more than your clothes when you wear pure Minimalism. In fact, it is deceptive. Minimal-style fashion looks effortless but it is the most difficult. At first it looks simple: a black coat, so what? But look closer and notice the cut, the quality of the fabric and the tailoring involved. It is about the weight of fabric, the texture and rich material. It takes discipline. I know. I have tried to adhere to minimal style a few times. What happened? I found myself splashing out with bright colours and sneaking in a crazy print – put it away! It’s not minimalism. What is interesting to me, is the same terms used for minimalism fashion and …

Fashion and Wine – Defining personal style, Pt1

The first questions I ask every morning is “What am I going to wear? What do I have to do? Where am I going?” Often before I even wake up or just before the alarm has gone off.   For some this is more than just perfunctory checklist of what is in their wardrobe, but turns into an existential question – “Who am I? Who do I want to be?” And for people with large wardrobes, “Who was I? And do I want I be that again today?”


Dinner with Francesca Planeta

At a press dinner with Francesca Planeta, it did not surprise me when she said her wine had run out at Milan Fashion Week. These wines are seriously loved by the fashion industry. What does come as a surprise is to learn Planeta has only been making wines in Sicily since 1985. Think Italy and wine: what comes to mind is old estates with centuries of history. Then there’s Sicily… dormant for the past 4000 years, it has recently become a hotbed of wine innovation. The world’s love affair with Planeta started with their Chardonnay. We tasted the 2000 vintage and I was instantly back in the 1990s: poured from a double magnum, it’s a full-bodied Chardonnay with prominent oak, a style which has now fallen out of fashion somewhat. But this is Chardonnay: there is no other grape that is dictated so much by fashion.  Contrast the latest 2009 Cometa Fiano. It’s Sicilian style, full of fabulous pure fruit expression that had a consultant exclaim on first tasting, “When a wine comes out like this, it’s indigenous in …