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Karlie Kloss Vogue UK December 2015 Cover 800x480

Vogue’s 5 Favourite Wine Instagram Follows

I had my very own Carrie moment – well, I felt a little tipsy, at least – when I saw my name in Vogue UK magazine’s Top 5 Wine Instagram follows in UK Vogue, December 2015, alongside some of my favourite wine people: @leviopenswine @jordansalcito @noblerotmag and @honeyandvine If you were a young woman and an aspiring writer in the early 2000s, it was all about Carrie Bradshaw in S&TC. Who didn’t want to be writing her own column in New York City while looking out the window of her rent-controlled apartment with that walk-in wardrobe full of fabulous shoes? As Carrie would write in her column, I couldn’t help but wonder…. Then there’s the episode where she gets drunk in the Vogue editor’s office. “Martinis in the morning. Is this allowed? Is it “Vogue”?”     I love instagram, it’s great fun. Thank you, British Vogue. Now, in true Carrie fashion, it’s time to spill a cocktail (or nine) to celebrate. Find me on instagram @winewomansong