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wine speak in Soho



There is nothing like getting your boots dirty in a vineyard to understand wine. Yet most of the wine I drink is in an urban environment. So how do we make sense of wine jargon in the city? Armed with our phone cameras, in the cold drizzling rain, we had 45 minutes to find out (warning: NSFW).

With my Bibendum hat on, we were given five wine words and set loose in Soho to find an image that captures the meaning of a wine word.

After being yelled to move on by the vegetable stall owners in Brewer Street, we were about to give up on ever finding “farmyard” in Soho, when we found it – in a cake shop, of course (above).






Thanks to Frui photography for a fun afternoon.

And thanks to my fellow intrepid photographers – Ed Goldman and Jenn Sasiadek.