Fattoria Le Terrazze and rainy day women

Bob Dylan: “they’ll stone you at the breakfast table”

Fattoria Le Terrazze Rosso Conero Sassi Neri 2003

On the pavement outside a pub on 4-lane Whitechapel Road in peak hour under an ominously dark sky. Feeling like a Rainy Day Woman.

Friend walks past with a half a bottle under his arm. Works in the City. Half cut from schmoozing with clients at some big buck$ lunch. In a 45 minute lunch ordered £500 worth of wine (4 bottles for 3 people??). Sure, I’ll drink your capitalist scraps. Especially if it’s a Fattoria Le Terrazze red.

Fattoria Le Terrazze are the same people who make Bob Dylan’s specially requested wine, IGT Planet Waves.

Damn my champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Rush inside pub and grab a couple of wine glasses. This wonderful subdued Montepulciano wine hums along to the call to prayer from the Whitechapel Mosque across the road.

After 5 years in the bottle, the cedar oak beautifully integrated with the fruit; now light as red silk. Things slowed down. Even Whitechapel Road.

Pub hates me now. (Well, I had tried to order a wine from them but all they had was RED). Anyway, it was worth sneaking in a glass or two. Friend said, just blame the City schmuck. You shouldn’t take it so personal, as Bob Dylan says. It’s about the wine. But okay, I will…

Not so much Rainy Day Woman #1,2 & 3 5 after this.


Link: Fattoria Le Terrazze