first of the summer wine

2003 Savennieres Clos du Papillon from Domaine des Baumard (Loire)

Summer always feels like a new idea in London.

Yesterday the weather man on the BBC said it was the end of the Summer weather.

*After three days of sunshine*

Well, I don’t give up that easily!

This can’t be the last of the summer wine, it’s only June – glamdammit!

I want the first of the summer wines first

And what is more Summer than a butterfly (papillon)?

This wine is sourced from a butterfly-shaped vineyard in the Loire and is full of pear, peach and lime characters. All it needs is a park and some sunshine…

Or just forget that. Use your imagination.

It is London, after all. The weather just is… weather.

Link: Domaine des Baumard or Leon Stolarski fine wines