Go live, win and lose

“Go live, win and lose, smash your hands against hysterical constellations, your head against phases of the moon, and your heart against another heart. Find the leisure to contemplate the results. You will discover the human condition. Foolish people who say that they seek reality don’t know what they are saying. For them, the worldly, when they approach it, they tremble and feel weak, distressed, fearful, terrified and repelled. They reject the truth and turn somewhere else for it, an easier, a softer, lifeless one. Little do they realize that they have been through the door itself, and in error, stupefying ignorance, in that immensity, said “nothing is here”, and stepped back to dullness. They may be less eloquent and merely realize the words “it is painful. I must stop it”, and step back.”

Link: The Lotus is born in fire, by John Brzostoski