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Anything but Assyrtiko: Greek wine reviews

Le Mepris Greece

I do not drink enough Greek wine to say Anything but Assyrtiko just quite yet – there is still so much to love about Santorini – but after this selection from the Daily Drinker for my Greek wine reviews I can see past the horizon beyond Santorini.

Under the blaring midday sun on the beach, imagine a very cold white wine called Roditis by Tetramythos as the high thrilling squeal of children chased by waves, with the Malagousia, Domaine Gerovassiliou creating a general hubbub of civilised conversation of adults on the towel nearby. As the sun goes down, these voices become more distinct and clear – the Kidonitsa, Monemvasia Winery draws near and whispers idle romantic thoughts with rich fruit that lingers beyond midday, yet as fresh and essential, as a cool shower at the hotel before dinner in the local restaurant.

The Robola, Gentilini is a complex, balanced wine that continues the holiday as the true souvenir of the summer in Kefalonia. A timeless Greek wine, it could be the best white wine from anywhere, yet as specific to its time and place, this summer in fact, with notes of spicy pears but with an ionic column of acidity and a true memory of the summer holidays as the sound of boats against the jetty.

A full holiday in four bottles, the Daily Drinker Wine Club is a brilliant idea of two bottles a month from places that you would not normally find. It’s a wine club for those who want an adventure to accompany their wines.

Daily Drinker


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Reposted and updated from September 30 2013 – my thoughts are with the Greek people.

Image: Godard’s Le Mepris