Pomegranate Noir, by Jo Malone (2005)

scene from Metropolis

“The inspiration for Pomegranate Noir came to Jo Malone after she saw one of her friends dressed up in a red silk dress at a middle eastern hookah party all the while stuffing dollar bills in her cleavage.” – reviewer, Base Notes

If you have been invited to an eccentric 81-year-old billionaire’s party in Convent Garden as a thank you for helping him hide in your cellar from his ex-wife’s (famous you-know-who) lawyer serving him notices for over £50 million, then wear Pomegranate Noir.

The invitation says the party is to “commiserate a dissolute, wasted, wanton life. But fun. No flowers – come if you can.”

No flowers – come if you can. An apt description of Pomegranate Noir; debauched fruit, almost bruised, and dark frankincense mixed with the eternal smells of decadence: musk and patchouli.

More noir than pomegranate fruit, it almost scars the memory with it’s wickedness. In a fun way, of course.

Link: Base Notes