The One that Got Away

This wine had the place smelling like Christmas for a week.
Can I give you a tasting note from broken bottle? At around £120 – £140 per bottle, I have to at least try… I was down on my hands and knees licking the floor. Risking shards of glass in my tongue just to have a taste.
Excellent colour for a Barolo, pale rose colour, it hardly stained the floor… Spice and pine, leather, cinnamon and cloves, if only Gaja could make a “2004 Conteisa Room Deodoriser”. A very expensive way to give a place ambience, but I am sure it would be a great success: everyone commented how wonderful the place smelled.
Dear reader, I cried.
What would you do??


  1. I've only every dropped two bottles at home and it is quite remarkable how wonderful the place smells shortly after, and how difficult it is to clean things up – especially if you have old floor boards with cracks in between. Like you the temptation to lick the floor is great, though usually there is enough left in the remains of the bottle for at least a sip. . .

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