About Me

Juel Mahoney

Hello, my name is Juel.

I’ve been in the wine industry since 2001. With access to some of the great wines of the world, I am fortunate to have travelled to many regions to communicate about wine and wine regions.

The Wine Woman & Song blog was named after a line in a Beastie Boys song and started in 2007 when I moved from Australia to U.K.

It was also a way to communicate all the wines tasted working in the fine wine trade in London (Jeroboams, Bibendum, Bottle Apostle) and WSET diploma. Nowadays you can also find snapshot posts on my instagram. 

I always like talking about wine and food, so feel free to connect with me on social media or leave me a comment.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Breaking news: Wine Woman & Song features in the Top 100 wine blogs in the world.



A few boring bits

Any wine samples or press trips are attributed on the blog and social media (by hashtags and location tags, if available). Samples may appear on my blog, or social media platforms, if I believe they will appeal and are not faulty. Where and when a sample is shared is by discretion. I do not accept guest posts or paid posts. I do not trade positive reviews for money nor any other considerations. 

All reproduction of the written content requires prior authorisation from the author of this blog.

Content shall not be distributed in whole or in part without my express written permission. 

Please email Juel at winewomansong@gmail.com for shipping information, event and press trip invitations.


Why is it called Wine Woman & Song? The Quotes

“He who loves not wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long.” – Martin Luther 

“You can tell it’s wrong, But I love wine, women an’ song” – Whitesnake

“I mix business with pleasure way too much. I mean wine and women and song and such” – Beastie Boys

And there are many other versions on the general theme around the world.

Made with love in London and around the world © Winewomansong.co.uk 2007 – 2020


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