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Jacquart Champagne Cuvee Alpha 2005 launch at Atelier Brancusi Paris

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On a balmy Tuesday night in Paris, Jacquart Champagne launched their new prestige cuvee from Jacquart – the much anticipated Jacquart Champagne Cuvee Alpha 2005. 

Inside the Atelier Brancusi, situated next door to the Pompidou Centre, the sculptures are breathtaking in their simplicity, but Brancusi’s life was anything but simple.

He left his peasant family in Romania to travel across Europe to attend the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He travelled to the United States with his sculpture, Bird in Space and customs were not convinced what he was bringing in to the country was art; he had to fight to stop them placing a duty upon its import as an industrial item. This went on to become the test legal case on the definition of modern art. And then there was the Romanian government, who refused to acknowledge Brancusi in his lifetime leaving him to bequeath his studio to the French government on his death. Although now he is celebrated, and his beautiful smooth sculptures represent some of the best of twentieth art, you can see in pictures of Brancusi working in his studio it was not a meteoric rise. Behind the seamless sculptures, there was a lot of sheer hard work.

Champagne houses know how to put on an event: it is a lesson in simple detail. Jacquart had created a seamless experience, even down to the ice buckets – a merging of wood and glass that reflected the atelier but also the philosophy of “bringing together different components in their Champagne.” (As you can imagine, this sounds a lot better in French). The canapes featured flecks of gold leaf.

But it has not always been this glamorous for Jacquart.

Jacquart grew from a collective of hard-working grower families. In the 1960s, they formed a cooperative to create their own Champagne rather than sell the grapes to the big houses for less than they thought it was worth.

The Jacquart Champagne Cuvee Alpha 2005 is the next step for the house. It is the first vintage cuvee for Jacquart with the benefit of the excellent 2005 vintage. Consisting of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay it is ultra dry with good weight and searing intensity on the palate. The grapes are sourced from four crus from the coolest zone in Champagne known for its Pinot Noir, Montagne de Reims – Mailly, Verzenay, Villers-Marmery and Trépail. The high percentage of Pinot Noir in the blend lends itself to food – and we had some exquisite canapes to match. While Jacquart Mosaique is light and fruity, the alpha 2005 has substantial depth and seriousness. Yet, under the 32 degree outside in the garden, it also worked as an aperitif.

If only Brancusi was alive today, he may have been surprised to enjoy a golden glass of Jacquart Champagne Cuvee Alpha 2005 when he stepped outside his studio on such a hot day.

“How is life?”

“Ça va bien”




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