Loris Greaud: Cellar Door (Once is Always Twice)

I took the artist Loris Greaud’s sweets called Celador: A Taste of Illusion from the vending machine at the ICA bar. With absolutely no taste, you could find this pack of brightly-coloured lollies slightly depressing…

But while I swirled the tasteless sweets on my tongue – I still searched for a taste, instinctively refusing to believe they had no taste at all – it was like lolling an actual idea in my mouth.

His three dark but strangely glamorous rooms released my imagination. While soaking in the dark atmosphere, I imagined my own flavours for these zero-taste lollies. Instead of the usual green means lime etc. I decided on cloudberries for green, why not? And I have a whole packet left of strange delights. It made me think what I automatically put in my mouth and consume, consume, consume.

Then there is the black Champagne… yes, black.

“What about black champagne bubbles on moon rocks as an aperitif? Don’t be afraid of them – the champagne bubbles are speechless, it’s you who will do the talking. Just be careful to drink them at room temperature, otherwise the room will start multiplying!”

The 29-year-old French artist continues from last year’s Illusion is a Revolutionary Weapon to create more of his brilliant unattainable experiences. He delights, disturbs and makes you imagine. & want to imagine more.

NB: For Part Two of this post see Further tremors after Loris Greaud exhibition

Link: Loris Greaud at ICA, London 25 Apr – 22 Jun 2008


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