Micachu at Hoxton Bar, Stag & Dagger festival

Micachu are a hard act to follow. So it didn’t make sense to have them on first at the Stag & Dagger Festival around Shoreditch (London). After the newness of these guys, the rest of the bands I saw got lost in a sea of same-same lager, but hey.

Listening to Micachu is the same joy as being let loose in a musical instrument shop; it’s a, “Can I really play this, really? Cool!” Then rampaging through the shop to play everything just for the fun of it. Hooray! One minute you’re playing the keyboard as piano, the next it sounds like trumpets.

The great thing about watching Micachu live was they seemed genuinely surprised by these colliding sounds they came up with on stage. And so, yeah, in turn, the audience were happily surprised too (& it was a particularly good audience. Micachu innocently joked, “Thanks for being so, erm, attentive“).

Then there was the rest of the Stag & Dagger Festival. Can’t say it was as fun as Micachu. You may say I’m a dreamer. But, you know, I’m not the only one. To be fair though, I did miss seeing the band, Lovvers…. dammit. Will write more about the rest of the festival very soon.

Link: Music Weekly: The Zutons and Micachu podcast from The Guardian, Sunday 18 May