My favourite wine is Champagne

“I have an old-fashioned, chorus-girl kind of taste in Champagne. Not Moët – I always get heartburn. My favourite is Taittinger.”

Thomas Adès, Composer in Time Out London, May 1 – 7, 2008

It’s little wonder Moët gives Adès heartburn.

The wine writer, Peter Bourne, once told me – there’s nothing wrong with Moët, but it’s only really good at the racecourse.

A vintage Champagne from Taittinger is released ten years after bottling.

Suitable for a composer that has been described as if “the piano is waiting to make these sounds – for 200 years – to come out”.

I’d recommend the Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc des Blancs 1998 – the latest available vintage blanc des blancs Taittinger Champagne. When I tried the 1986 vintage a year ago it danced for hours after tasting it.

The 1998 is still comparatively young.

But I’m sure it would make the most magnificent of chorus girls happy.


Link: Roll over Beethoven: Thomas Adès by Alex Ross, NY Times music critic