Ogio Puglia Primitivo 2007

There’s sauce and there’s sauce and then there’s sauce.

The first is the sauce you add to pasta, the second is slang for alcohol (“on the sauce”) and the third is the uniquely english approach to sex; a bit naughty and saucy: ooh-er, missus!

Ogio Puglia Primitivo 2007 is all three.

Alone, it’s ok, nothing really to write home about – good price from Tesco, etc.

But wait. The clove and chocolate character, with the typical italian chewy bitterness (slight chinotto) picks up the flavours in the meal (beef parmesan ravioli).

The whole wine and food thing has created a new dimension:

1 + 2 = 3.

Exactly like a sauce does with food.

The wine itself is a mellow 13%. And the label design is typically Italian and definitely sexy.

Although, is it naughty?

With the right person, and food, it could well be.

Something Pirelli, even.

Link: Ogio Puglia Primitivo 2007