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Oh! Ochota


“And if by chance you surf…..

you would understand what a great barrel is.”

After a pure two-tone fruity-vanilla start reminiscent of tasting straight from the barrel in a cold cellar*, it found a balance point exactly where satsuma, lemon curd and Comte cheese meet. In the current trend for leaner Chardonnay but more balanced on the side of sweet fruit and oak, it is happily supple (and definitely not fat). Made by Taras and Amber Ochota, and you can find their story here, this couple is a talented and well-traveled lot, who chose to dig at a hard spot for Australian Chardonnay (this is a difficult price point in the UK) and hit upon gold in the Adelaide hills. The wine did not reveal itself fully until the next day, which reminded me not to drink big white wines under screw cap without at least a good swirl in a decanter first (a decanter is not just for red wines).


Bottle number 9! The back label details:





*After being immersed in months of Burgundy 2012 en primeur,  it was great to taste an Australian Chardonnay. For some reason I kept thinking Yves Confuron from Confuron-Cotetidot would enjoy this….




Ochota Barrels The Slint Chardonnay 2012 bought at Bottle Apostle London at £30 -ish per bottle


Image from Ochota’s website