Oz Clarke on wine, women and song…

Here’s a lovely description by Oz Clarke, from the article, about his favourite wine:

“People always ask the best wine I’ve ever had. I tend to think about which girl I was drinking it with. One of the best wines I ever had was with a gorgeous girl I eloped with by train to Tuscany. We went into this little taverna, and asked for some red wine. The guy went out the back, got a really old scruffy litre bottle, went up to a vat, and squirted out this purply, foaming, prickly, sour, six-month-old wine, put a little cap on it and said “there you are”. It cost next to nothing. We bought some salami, cheese and bread, lay out in the fields in the sun, and it was one of the best drinking experiences I’ve ever had.”

Link: Decanter Magazine