Prosecco is for girls

“She’s angry with us for dissing Prosecco – every girls favourite fizz!”*

Sure. Prosecco is for girls. Just like My Little P ony and the colour pink. Peaches are girly and how much do you love those peachy, soft bubbles? It’s not as expensive as Champagne but it sure does look like it!!!** Get him to pick out a DOCG Conegliano, Valdobbiadene*** (under £15 a bottle) if he won’t give you the credit card after all those shoes you bought, oops! Because girls you’re worth it. And if he wants a glass there’s always the top Prosecco from Cartizze*** – powerful, strong, some would even say, masculine – but let’s not go there, girlfriend.

* Response from a debate between SH Jones Wines and Grapedcrusader: “Tonight attempting to prove Cava is good or better than Prosecco. Better everytime!”
** Prosecco is a wine from the Veneto region made of the Glera grape. Since 2009, Prosecco has been a DOCG (before this time the Glera grape was called Prosecco). The modern Prosecco is thanks to Antonio Carne who also founded the famous enology school, Conegliano in 1873. He was the first to develop the Charmat method, named after the French inventor, where the bubbles from the secondary fermentation occur in steel tanks rather than in the bottle (such as Champagne).
*** Peachy flavours are found more in the low-lying Conegliano, more mineral and fine in Valdobbiadene, while the premium region is Cartizze, which is a small cluster of vineyards north-east from Valdobbiadene.


Top names to look for: Bisol (Bibendum), Santo Stefano Ruggeri (Enotria), Col Vetoraz (in restaurants such as Polpo) and Riccardo. Also, Sainsbury Taste the Difference Conegliano DOC is a peachy and refreshing drink with defined, long-lasting bubbles and good value for an everyday Prosecco. Have you got a favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Link: 2011 set to be an excellent vintage for Prosecco, report here (in Italian).