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Random Access Memories: 2003 Rioja Blanco Gravonia

Tasting Gravonia on a cold Monday night while listening to the sneak preview of Daft Punk’s latest Access Random Memories album is like every 70s tropical sunset in the past but seeing it again projected in a fourth dimension. Both are what I can only describe as future-nostalgia. Lopez de Heredia’s wine are very old school Rioja, the one we long for… but have forgotten that is what we really want.

It is rolling and smooth – the texture is downright mellow – and touches you as gently as the orange air of a Bali sunset. The honeyed groove is like Nile Rodgers on the bass. Did I mention the texture? Oh yes? It rolls with a creaminess but then seems to REFRESH every 30 minutes. Defying time by becoming younger and younger. As NME says in the review for the album, there is a “wide-eyed sense of freedom… coursing through.”

An interesting fact I learned today is that the average age of the collaborators on the Daft Punk album is 45 years old with Giorgio Moroder (Midnight Express, Donna Summer), Nile Rodgers (bass for David Bowie, Madonna, everyone) and Paul Williams (David Bowie, The Muppets Movie (!), Bugsy Malone) joining the French robots. Access Random Memories reminds me of every great party in the past fifteen years rolled into one song but with a new fresh sound making me hope… for what? For more in the future. For the future itself? Maybe tonight. It certainly was a lucky combination to hear the first release of the album while tasting Gravonia 2003 – a wine I am sure aliens would like to take with them back to their galaxy as proof a great time CAN be spent on planet Earth.


Pharrell on working with Daft Punk:

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