SoKo: “I wanna look like a tiger”

If you only listen to one Parisian ukelele player this year, make sure it’s SoKo. Especially, if you are like me, always pondering humanity’s animal nature while jumping on a mattress like a 5- year-old with Attention Deficit Disorder (and allergic to everything in modern life). How many times have I sung out in joy the relative benefits of being a tiger rather than a monkey? SoKo addresses this eternal question in her cute and slightly awkward English. Brilliant of you.

OK, even if you aren’t like me, how can you not like a song with these lyrics?

“I will never love you more than my boyfriend
when I was 14. Even though he’s now an asshole.”
(“I will never love you more”)

She hasn’t got an album out yet but you can listen to “I will never love you more”, “I think I’m pregnant” and “I wanna look like a tiger,” on her myspace page. That’s summer sorted then.

Link: SoKo myspace page
Link: Monkey taunts tiger Chinese video on youtube