Sherry drink for summer: Los Rebujitos

A good way to break up a hot afternoon sipping Sherry in the sunshine is to do what local Sevillianos do and make a Rebujito. This is a cocktail from the traditional Andalucian fairs (or Ferias). Sherry is deceptively dry with high alcohol (15.5%), so by the time you get around to making them, thankfully, the recipe is very easy to remember:
  • 50% Fino or Manzanilla Sherry
  • 50% Clear Lemonade (Seven Up, Schweppes, or my favourite: Fever Tree)
That’s it! It’s not traditional to put mint in, and there is a debate about whether to add lemon or not, but I like a bit of mint to cool down. It’s also not traditional to do a fast-little flamenco clap when pouring the Lemonade soda into the sherry either, but I also like to do that, too, to give a sense of occasion. By the the time the Los Rebuitos come out, maybe it’s also time to do a little dance, a la Gitana.
Dry sherries to look out for and commonly available in UK are Bodegas Hidalgo La Gitana and the their single-vineyard Pasada Pastrana. Although good old Tio Pepe is more than fine. The best thing: Sherry is under-priced, so you can find many good ones under £10.
Andar! Enjoy your sunny afternoon.

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