Vermentino from Liguria by Laura Aschero

Recently I caught up with Colin Thorne, manager at the new wine tasting shop, Vagabond Wines in Fulham Broadway, London. There you’ll find 100 wines to choose from, starting at £1 a taste. We decided upon the amazing Vermentino by Laura Aschero from the Liguria region in Italy, which can be found on the coast south of Milan, near Genoa. Keep going west across the border to France, and Provence, where there is another expression of Vermentino, called Rolle… It’s a very Mediterranean taste and is one of my favourite wines on the weekend to have at lunch on Sundays with friends.

This one is a unique and elegant wine that tastes of the coast of Liguria: Laura Aschero is a genius. I hope you have the chance to enjoy it, too.

Baci X


P.S. Sorry for the fairly grainy, low-budget, low-tech quality of the video. Unfortunately this is the criteria for the Sundance Film Festival’s wine tasting video category…

Tasted at Vagabond Wines: 18-22 Vanston Place London SW6 1AX
020 7381 1717


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