Top 5 wines – Dec ’07

number 5: Ailes de Paloumey Haut-Medoc 2003

Like Sienna Miller drunk: otherwise stylish except for this moment. This Bordeaux needs a few more years in the bottle. But still beautiful now, despite the lapse.

number 4: Domaine de L’Amandine Cote du Rhone 2004

If this was fashion, it’d be a life vest. In the easy-to-reach section of the supermarket, this is a trusty Cote du Rhone that will save you if you are in immediate danger (of not having anything good to drink on a cold night).

number 3: Cote de Beaune-Villages 2005 from Bouchard Pere & Fils

Fun! Usually I don’t bother with the crap on the back label, but this time it rang true: “Notre but, c’est votre plaisir.” Our goal is your pleasure. Simple but nice. Like two kisses on the cheek.

number 2: Knappstein Clare Valley Shiraz 2003

A very classy wine to wrap yourself up with on a cold winter night. The 15% alcohol will keep you warm, if the christmas pudding characters do not. It’s theatre (from the balcony).

Number 1: Chateauneuf du Pape Roger Sabon Reserve 2003

Givenchy show, Paris Fashion week 2007

Something symphonic. The character just built and built. I even felt sad at the end of the half bottle (I could only afford a half bottle) because it hinted at the potential that could have kept developing…

Overall, a good month for red wine!

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