water no get enemy

If there’s no wine left, I’ll definitely try water. Just as Fela Kuti sings, water no get enemy (see song below).

A real treat in Paris, apart from the excellent African musicians in the Metro (if I am not listening to Fela Kuti on the ipod), is the huge range of water on sale at the local supermarkets. They all have different tastes from the downright funky to soft-as-a-pillow.

Today I had a pristine English still water called Hildon. It is the purest water I have ever tasted. Totally palate cleansing. It is even in a 750ml glass bottle, perfectly complemented to the size of a bottle of wine.

Apart from San Pelligrino, with more calcium than milk, this is my new favourite water. It also has high calcium content. I know there are a lot of people against bottled water, and I know the ancient Greeks didn’t have much good to say about any water, but water has got no enemy here – bottled or tap.