“What wine should I drink to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Rabbit?” 恭喜发财

This is the question I am sure to be asked this weekend for Chinese New Year! What I love about Chinese New Year is that is all about food and prosperity. So what better way to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit than with a wine called The Rabbit (“La Lepre” means hare in Italian): Fontanafredda “La Lepre” Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba. 

Fontanafredda is a 125 year old winery in Piedmont (West of Milan in Italy) and this wine is made from 100% Dolcetto grapes from the area of Diano d’Alba. Twice as lucky, the wine’s name, The Rabbit, is named after the vineyard, which is also called The Rabbit (“La Lepre”).

Dolcetto is the perfect wine for all the delicious spicy pork dishes so popular in China and Hong Kong. It is lighter in style, can accommodate spice and is particularly good with pork.

I could not think of anything more charming, and mouth-watering, than a glass of Dolcetto and San Choy Bau (spicy pork wrapped in lettuce). Lettuce is particularly lucky at Chinese New Year for in Chinese it sounds like the word for “rising fortune”.

As a tiger myself, I devour rabbits for breakfast! Rabbits are kind and sweet and everyone likes them, so I am happy to pass on 2011 to Rabbits with a glass of wine, good food and friends and wish everyone a Happy New Year of the Rabbit –

“Gung hei fat choy! Congratulations, may you be prosperous 恭喜发财”

Image: Marc Jacobs, bunny ears

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