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Which is the best Dom Perignon vintage: 2004, 2002, 2000


“Dancing, music, champagne. The best way to forget until you find something you want to remember….” Marlene Dietrich to David Bowie (youtube, Just a Gigolo, 1978)

IF you are ever in the difficult situation where you have to make a choice from different vintages of Dom Perignon, don’t be shy. Here are my thoughts:

The 2004 vintage sits between 2000 and 2002. If I had to choose between 2002 and 2000 then… 2002 wins hands down. Between 2004 and 2000? I would still choose 2002.

Right now, the 2000 Dom Perignon has that sherry oxidative note taking on the toasty and brioche notes. The 2004 Dom Perignon can be happily opened now but will start getting better in 2017 and stay great until 2028.

Despite tasting them many times, I’m still not totally convinced it was necessary to make 2000 or 2003 vintages – neither are a classic DP experience.

Unlike the 1996 and 2002 vintages, which taste fresher and brighter. These bottles can be brought out at your funeral. Your friends will love and forgive you.

The 2005 Dom Perignon is from a small vintage with already mature aromas and dense fruit on the palate. This is unusual vintage and another style again in a big decade for Champagne.

The 2000 and 2004 Dom Perignon can drink now. Not such a terrible idea. And for those at Novikov nightclub in Mayfair who are boshing DP in their French 75s… whatever the vintage: drink up, drink now.


Dom Perignon 2004 price:


Current prices of 2005 Dom Perignon:



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